Board & Committees

Before contacting the RSEA, please refer to the Who to Call page.
Mail: RSEA
P.O. Box 1974
Springfield, Illinois 62705-1974
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 217-789-9860
Executive Members: President: Gayle Finigan
  1st Vice President: Dick Schulz
  2nd Vice President: Rick Carlson
  Treasurer: Gladys Hajek
  Secretary: Susan Burke
Appointed Members: Ross Buie
  Helen Conlee
  Bill Curry
  Jack Dodds
  Forman Hardwick
  Thomas L. Jones
  Joyce Lakes
  Dan Long
  Tom McGee
  Bruce Strom
  Randy Witter
  Larry Wort
Standing Committee Chairpersons: Legislative and Legal: Bruce Strom
  Membership: Carolyn Ackley
  Email Coordination: Jeff Johnson
  Recruitment: Thomas L. Jones
  Finance and Budget: Gladys Hajek
  Finance Committee: Jack Dodds
  Publicity and Education: Marcia Hoos
Chicago Metro Chapter: Chairwoman: Sylvia Schluter
([email protected])
Florida-Fort Myers Chapter: Chairwoman: Lucy Breitung
([email protected])
Special Committee Members: The Reporter: Marcia Hoos
  Holiday Luncheon: Marcia Hoos,
Shirley Hagan, Bill Curry, Karen Fifer
  Social-Monthly Meetings: Helen Harshman-Edwards
  Welcome: Norma Hart Tepen, Joyce Winner
  Website Maintenance: Dick Schulz
  Website Content Coordinators: Dick Schulz,
Helen Conlee, Jeff Johnson, Joyce Lakes