Latest update on negotiations between HSHS and AETNA - 25 May 2024 -

RSEA received this update from  HSHS about AETNA negotiations.  This affects all State of  Illinois AETNA plans for employees and Retirees.  If negotiations do not produce a contract BETWEEN HSHS and Aetna:

TRAIL MAPD retirees still wishing to use HSHS will be out of network and will have to ask providers if they will accept Medicare assignment and if they will bill AETNA. If the provider will not do both, please contact AETNA directly for other options which may include selecting a new provider.

All other State of Illinois AETNA plan members will have to Select a new provider by July 1.  Anyone currently undergoing treatment can apply for continuity of care with Aetna to remain with the provider until treatment is complete.  This continuation of treatment is subject to approval by AETNA.